Water Leaks

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Troubleshooting & Advice

Please use this guide in the event of a water leak and understand that we advise you make
yourself familiar with where the stop cock location is upon move in, know where your water
meter is and ensure you have adequate contents insurance in place covering this type of issue.

  1. Know where the stop cock location is in the property and turn the water off at the mains. This information will be provided on the inside page of your tenant information pack which was handed to you upon move in. If for whatever reason it isn’t stated then please calls our office to find out and report the leak.
  2. Run the taps (providing you are certain that the taps you run are not affected by the leak in any way) to get rid of excess water and ease the pressure of the leak until the water stops running.
  3. Get in touch with your letting agent to advise them of the leak and water supplier if applicable. All contact information for the utility companies and your letting agent is provided in the tenant information pack.
  4. Your letting agent will help deal with this accordingly and guide you through the next steps.
  5. Try to act calmly and safely in the meantime whilst waiting for further instructions.
  6. Please take into account your safety and others safety at all times in the property along with any pets that may be residing at the property and your personal possessions.
  7. If any possessions have been damaged in the event of a major leak you may need to seek further advice from your insurance company.