Property Inspections

What is an inspection

If your property is on a fully managed service then Millbrooke are responsible for carrying out the routine inspections. A property inspection is when a member of the Millbrooke team visits your rental property to check the general condition both internally and externally.



As standard we carry out the first inspection three months after the tenancy start date. The second inspection is then carried out six months after the tenancy start date. Providing that we are satisfied with the outcome of the first two inspections, subsequent inspections are on a bi-annual basis (every six months).


How long do they take

A property inspection typically takes on average between 10-20 minutes to complete. However, this can be dependent on the size of the property and the condition.


How will I be notified

Once a date has been set for the inspection you will receive an email from our system advising you of the allocated date. Appointments are generally raised on an all day appointment. If for any reason you wish to be present and require a specific date/time then please respond to the email advising accordingly.



In most instances you are not required to be present . For managed properties we hold a set of management keys and the alarm code (where applicable) to gain access. However, if you do wish to be present this is perfectly fine.


What is being assessed

On an inspection we are typically looking at the general cleanliness and upkeep of the property both internally, externally and gardens. We are also checking to ensure that no unreasonable wear and tear has occurred to the building fabrics, fixtures, fittings and furnishings (where applicable).



Once the inspection has been completed we will send a copy of the PDF report back to the office. We will then forward the report to the landlord(s) and discuss any issues raised or concerns found within 7 days. Once next steps have been made a member of the Millbrooke team will be in touch with you to give feedback and next steps/timescales (if applicable).