Maintenance & Repairs


If you are having a problem at your property then you are in the right place. Simply click on the link below to access our maintenance reporting dashboard. From here you can log the issue and a member of our management team will get straight onto it for you.

When reporting an issue please provide as much detail as possible including photographs (where possible) and makes/model numbers (where necessary).


Please see our priority level guidelines below to help you understand how we operate when you report a maintenance problem;

Priority Level 1- A visit within 24 hours (Gas/Boiler issues, major water leaks, heating and hot water breakdowns, major electrical hazards and generally any major security and safety issues).

Priority Level 2- A visit within a week. These are repairs that are not urgent but usually something that is essential to be rectified.

Priority Level 3- A visit within 2 weeks. These may be smaller repairs that may be recommended or optional for the landlord to repair.

Priority Level 4- A visit within 4 weeks- These are optional and recommended repairs that may have been suggested by us, a tenant or a contractor. It is discretionary for the landlord to decide to have these repairs done and they cannot be enforced.

This system enables us to manage priorities and urgent matters as accurately as possible, and also gives you as tenants more accurate time scale on what to expect for particular repair jobs. It has been designed to ensure all tenants fully understand realistic time scales for something that may only be a minor issue.

Unless the issue you report is an emergency (whereas yours or any persons health and safety is at risk, the property is not secure or there is a danger of major damage to the property in any way) then usually general maintenance jobs are subject to the landlord’s authorisation before we can go ahead with any work. We endeavor to always act with care and due diligence prior to receiving any authorisation.


Tenants guarantee upon work being completed

As standard practice if we have not heard from a tenant within 7 working days after any maintenance work or repairs have been completed, We will assume that the work carried out was satisfactory. If you do find a fault or issue with any works carried out it is the responsibility of the tenant to notify the agent immediately. Failure to do so may result in the tenant(s) being held responsible for any future repairs relating to the same matter. This practice is however non-applicable when major works are being carried out by the landlord at the property.