Letting Information Form

Please complete the below form in as much detail as possible. The more information you can provide will in turn help us to ensure efficiency and accuracy when letting and (where applicable) managing your property.

Please provide the full property address including the postcode
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Name (Landlord A)
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Available date
Please advise the date the property is available to occupy from
Please list all appliances and furnishings that will be included in the letting. Please also advise if any of the items will be on a non-maintained basis
Property Information
Is the property alarmed? If so, please provide the code and any instructions
What parking is available at the property and space numbers where applicable
Are there any special arrangements for the gardens? Tenants would normally maintain
Gas safety certificate *
Do you have a current certificate? A gas safety certificate is mandatory if there is a gas supply to the property.
Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) *
Do you have a current EPC for the property? EPC's are valid for 10 years and you can check by visiting: https://www.epcregister.com/reportSearchAddressByPostcode.html
Who currently supplies the gas to the property?
Please state what type of electric/gas meters are in the property
Is the water metered at the property or is it on rates? For metered properties please advise on meter location and for rates please advise on the monthly rate.
Please advise on the location of the stop cock to isolate the water supply to the property.
If you have any cover plans on the property then please advise here
Are you considering DSS tenants? (DSS are tenants in receipt of some form of benefit such as housing benefit, income support, tax credits, disability living allowance, carers allowance, etc. All DSS tenants are required to have an acceptable guarantor in place):
Are you considering accepting pets? (Whenever accepting pets we always insist that a pet clause is signed which sets out rules the tenant(s) must abide to. We also advise landlords that a higher deposit should be taken to give increased security:
Anything else you feel is important that we need to be aware of: