Central Heating Faults



Should you find that your central heating or boiler is not working, we would respectfully request that you go through the following trouble-shooting checklist in the first instance:

  • Are the heating and hot water timers turned on?
  • Is the pilot light on?
  • Is the gas turned on?
  • Is the pressure in my boiler just above 1 bar pressure gauge?- If not it may need topping up via the filling loop.
  • Are the thermostats turned down too low?
  • Have any children turned off any switches?
  • Is there a reset button?
  • Is the power to my boiler on?
  • Do I know where the electrical isolation switch is? – has the fuse blow?
  • Is there a manual override to give temporary heating/hot water?
  • Do the radiators need bleeding i.e. cold at the top?
  • Have I vented my upstairs radiators lately and not checked the pressure since?