Founded by Daryl Hamer and Claire Schofield in 2008, the Millbrooke brand is one of the most respected lettings & property management agencies in Manchester.

What makes us different

The lettings industry has grown at an incredible rate over the past 10 years and its now more important than ever to ensure you are placing your rental property in the hands of a professional team. It doesn't matter if you are a first time landlord or have an existing portfolio of properties, The benefits of having a successful, knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals looking after you is invaluable.

Instructing a dedicated letting agent to let and potentially manage your property is a shrewd move. You will have expert knowledge on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week via My Area. My area is a dedicated section within our website that all our clients have access to. You will find answers to frequently asked questions, the latest industry news, regulation changes and operational details on the service we are offering. Furthermore, we will put your property on the countries leading property portals including Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location. Your property will get exposure to thousands of potential tenants in all the right places.


Professional Photography

One of the main aspects of ensuring your property is attractive and stands out from the rest is the photography. In our opinion we are one of the best in the area when it comes to professional photography. By instructing Millbrooke your property will benefit from a comprehensive set of professional wide-angle photographs. When visiting the property to take the photographs we will ask you to ensure the property is presented as best as possible and that all lights are working. Once our photographer has the shots he needs they will be tuned and edited to give maximum impact. Why not take a look at a few examples by clicking the button below...


peace of mind

Lettings and property management is a complex process and requires a great level of industry knowledge to ensure accuracy. By instructing Millbrooke to manage your property will indeed give you peace of mind and freedom to enjoy the money generated by your property. Millbrooke will act as the primary point of contact on our fully managed service and handle all issues raised during the tenancy giving you peace of mind. Our lettings team have a combined 23 years experience in the industry, making us the ideal choice if you are looking for a successful agent with a proven track record. We can also provide advice on the legal aspects of letting including insurances, compliance certification and non-resident landlords.


Achieving the best price

As an investment it is of huge importance that your property is let quickly, efficiently and at the highest rental value. Each time we are seeking a new tenant our property consultant will evaluate rental values in local areas, the property itself and the marketing materials being used. We can therefore ensure you as the landlord benefit from a speedy let and the highest price. On average from a property going live to having an applicant secured is just 13 days. However, in most instances in the current market we are finding this to be even quicker.



Many of the larger sales and letting agents and national chains use central management teams to handle the ongoing management of the property once let. This can in turn feel like you are being passed from pillar to past and often lacks the personal touch. At Millbrooke we are dedicated to lettings and management. Our attention is not divided between sales and lettings and all our team are office based in Worsley. We do of course welcome you to come in and meet us wherever possible.


Our Team

We're head and shoulders above the rest!


daryl hamer (MD)

Daryl is the ‘nitpicker enthusiast’ of our team and nothing gets past him in the form of any mistakes! His eye for detail is somewhat scary and his ability to create and produce marketing would rival a professional in that field! Daryl’s background initially came from retail management which transferred perfectly into lettings and property management. With over 8.5 years experience his knowledge is second to none. Labelling Daryl a perfectionist in business would be rather fitting. He is a great asset to the business and the relationship he builds with clients has kept reoccurring business alive and kicking since the first day we opened. He is a lover of all things property, an avid DIYer, keen traveller and a pretty good shot when he’s out shooting!

claire schofield (md)

A self-confessed coffee addict you will usually find Claire at her desk getting excited over new business ideas guzzling lattes by the dozen! Property and business are her main passions, along with horses, travel, history, politics and anything that involves exciting and one off experiences! Claire had the initial brainstorm for Millbrooke upon working in a number of estate agencies and becoming shocked by the lack of care and due diligence. At just 23 years old, she set out on a mission teaming up with fellow owner Daryl to create the Millbrooke brand to offer something a little different, reliable and refreshing in a sometimes, shady and untrustworthy industry. With over 12 years’ experience there is not much that she hasn’t seen in this game!   


Jade is our 'go to girl' for organisation, professionalism and care. We don’t think we have ever met anyone more organised in an office. Jade is a number one hit with all our customers who cannot say enough great feedback of her. Always consistent, organised, articulate, reliable….. we could go on but we think you get the picture! She is a key member of our team and is the backbone for most organisation in the office. She comes with a wealth of knowledge and is passionate about her work. She is currently undergoing her Level 2 apprenticeship in property services with great results to date. Jade is one interesting and driven individual with a ton of life experience behind her. She's well travelled having lived in Australia for two years and visited many more countries along the way...she even stopped off at Fiji too! Prior to her travels she casually nabbed a degree before she went! Yes, we were this impressed too... that's why we hired her! She's a joy to work with who we predict big things of at Millbrooke! 



Paula came to us with a wealth of administration and sales experience which has transferred seemingly into her professional development with us. Paula would be described as one of the most smiley and bubbly people you will ever meet! Did we mention her attention to detail and the care taken in everything she does? She brings an upbeat and positive vibe to our team and has a 'can do' attitude who will get stuck in wherever needed - all with a smile on her face! She's a petrol head at heart who loves her cars and driving. A creative thinker and a truly valued member of our Millbrooke family who plays a key part in our business growth. 


Lina Oprisnyk

We are super excited to welcome Lina to our team. Lina is a warm and friendly person who we think our customers will absolutely love! We know she's super organised and keen to be successful in her business NVQ qualification with us. She hails from the Bolton area and has a keen interest in cooking and travel, especially taking regular trips to Italy where the lucky lady has family there! 

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Ever wondered how we chose our name?

Photo by eucyln/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by eucyln/iStock / Getty Images

Back in 2008 when we set up shop as young (we miss that word!) entrepreneurs we wanted to name the company something a little different and away from the standard ‘surname & sons.’  Due to the founding directors of the company being Boothstown born and bred, we wanted to think of a name that pulled something together from the very history of Boothstown village itself.

When looking into Boothstown’s history we discovered there used to be a small successful cotton mill owned & built by a Mr Smith located by Stirrup Brook in 1812. This immediately grabbed our attention as although other cotton Mills were opened from 1891 which were much larger, we were more interested in the story of the very first cotton mill to open in the area as like us, we were the first business of it’s kind in the immediate area of Boothstown. Fast forward to 2008 and we are proud as ever to say we are the first and only lettings & management company in Boothstown to this day. Although a few estate agents have opened the odd time in the area over the years, they have either closed after a short time of trading or chose to move out the area. We remained in Boothstown as we felt we were and are, advocates of the area. We were drawn to the story of Mr Smith and his cotton Mill located on Stirrup brook we came up with many different names by combining words and phrases together connected to this story. We chose the name ‘Millbrooke’ after much thought and felt it had staying power. You never know we could have ended up being called Cottonbrook Lettings! We’re sure you agree it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it!

When you think of Boothstown we want our customers and clients to envisage our name choosing story and the fact that we represent all things Boothstown and not just as a local business, but as the first of its kind in the area solely managing residential lettings. We embrace Boothstown’s heritage and encourage our customers and clients alike to do so too. We are in a very fortunate position that due to our location and easy access to many other connecting local areas, our portfolio of properties has grown not just in the immediate area but in all the connecting areas from Astley, Tyldesley, Atherton, Monton, Worsley and many other part’s of Salford! We feel it’s quite an achievement that our clients prefer a local business wherever the property may be located, as apposed to one of the many corporate, faceless companies that tend to be more central to Salford.